Zombies are undead enemies in Age Of Zombies and Age Of Zombies Anniversary. They attack in large groups and are encountered in many varieties:

  • Common Zombie - the most common type encountered.
  • Caveman Zombie - the undead prehystoric cavemen.
  • Zombie T-Rex - the Zombie Dinosaur king. Occasional upgrade (usually in Horde) that can kill anything in one hit.*
  • Gangster Zombie - zombies from far 1930's.
  • Mummy - mummified egyptian zombies.
  • Pharaoh Mummy - the ruler of the mummies.
  • Ninja Zombie - chinese and japanese zombies.
  • Shogun Zombie - large japanese warrior-like zombie.
  • Alien Cyborg Zombie - futuresque zombies with exposed brains.
  • Prof. Brains Cyborg - cyborg zombie prof. Brains.
*Upon killing a boss in Horde, the screen will get a white glow starting at the collision point and spreading to the edges of the screen, resulting in the boss and the Zombie T-Rex vanishing with the message "EVOLUTIONARY" appearing in green.

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