A damaged colossatron, rampaging in a city

Colossatron is a gigantic, snake-like machine and the main antagonist in the game Colossatron Massive World Threat. It vaguely resembles Mammoth Car from the famous Speed Racer television series.

This machine, because once the human millitary unnecesarily destroyed it, is rampaging across the planet in question, destroying cities in various states, one at a time, to the strangely gleeful-sounding commentary by some hyperbolic news reporters.


  • Colossatron is actually invincible.When the millitary somehow blows you off,that yellow thing in colossatron mouth is actually a emergency transport orb that takes back into space to precvent further damage.
  • You Play As The Antagonist In This Game, As You Wreck Through The Cities Of Metronia, Hammacus, Kingsland, Shelk' Ra, Nishikyo, Xion, And Ultimatum.