A range of power cores, including a blue.

The blue powercore is a type of powercore in Colossatron Massive World Threat, a component attaching to the Colossatron machine.

Each powercore color has a theme. In the case of blue, this is crowd control: Most of its possible abilities has some effect that changes enemy unit behavior, for example stunning or slowing them.

Single core Super core Ultra core
L 0 Colossatron single core blue L0 Colossatron super core blue L0 Colossatron ultra core blue L0
L 1 Colossatron single core blue L1 Colossatron super core blue L1 Colossatron ultra core blue L1
L 2 Colossatron single core blue L2 Colossatron super core blue L2 Colossatron ultra core blue L2
L 3